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Track expenses & income

Keep a clear view of all your transactions: one-time or recurring, expenses or income.

Budget for future expenses

Categorize and budget your expenses so you know what the coming months will look like.

Stay on Track

You'll get reminders for upcoming bills, due dates, and alerts when it's time to pay them off.

Insights & summary reports

Get weekly/monthly/yearly insights and know at all time where you money is going.


Bank Connection

Connect your bank to Budg so that all your transactions are automatically synchronized.


Categorize your transactions and assign allocated amounts for each of them.


(USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, ...) Budg is handling more than 170 different currencies.


Add recurring transactions whether it's your salary or your online services (Netflix, Spotify, Strava, ...)


Receive push notification a day before a transaction due date. Cancel recurring transactions before it's too late.

Dark Mode

Dark or light choose your favourite way of browsing you finances.

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